pipeline data exchange format (PDEF)

A technical data interchange standard

PDEF is a first step towards uniting all subsea pipeline engineering digitalisation initiatives. It will enable different forms of design optimization and data analytics.

The PDEF initiative is group of offshore oil and gas industry partners who have gathered to specify a data interchange format related to oil and gas subsea pipelines facilities. Our partners observed that all the engineering required for the design, construction and operation of a subsea pipeline requires a wide range of software.

To exchange data between companies or departments of the same company, people use PDF reports containing data that must be manually copied and re-typed into computer programs. As the industry is inevitably stepping towards digital transformation of their work processes, structuring of the data is a requirement faced by all our partners.

The PDEF collaborative initiative was proposed, with the objective to agree on an industry-wide common interchange format that encompass all the data that defines and is used to design, build, and operate subsea pipelines.

The PDEF initiative meets three objectives:
  • Simplify the data exchange between parties at each stage of your projects

  • Create the required conditions for the implementation of new tools using the PDEF data interchange format

  • Remain free and public of rights for the users

  • Organisation in sub-areas the requirements and expectations

  • Listing all variables in different objects

  • PoC with the 1st release of PDEF model (v0)
  • Structuring the PDEF model based on the 2020 PoC

  • Drafting a complete documentation helping getting started with the PDEF model

  • Releasing the PDEF model v1 : MVP








workshops a year

(London, Paris, Amsterdam, Houston, then online…)



Join the PDEF initiative

Who can join?

All actors on subsea pipeline technical matters can be interested in the PDEF model definition.

How to join?

You can join the initiative by sending us an e-mail describing your field of activity and your motivation. We will introduce you the project and the work done before you join. Then, you will be participating to 5 workshops a year.

Why join?

With the PDEF initiative, you can actively work on the definition of the data exchange model for the subsea pipeline projects. You will be working with your actual partners on the best way to exchange the data in your projects.


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